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Years when April CET was lower than, or equal to March CET (and what happened in May to October) (since 1701 as there were no cases in the 17th century) -- presented in chronological order this t

One peculiarity about April is the lack of particularly high maxima during the last few days of the month. For instance the highest maximum ever recorded on the 29th April is just 25.8C, that's just 0

And, as out of place as it sounds, only four years after the coldest Spring in 122 years.

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Don't usually participate in this competition but think I will make a start :)

I'm going to go for 11.1c. Think it will be a sunny month overall and will continue the run of above average monthly temps. March has had some beautiful days - starting to become a mild lover as I get older haha!

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On 3/19/2017 at 19:05, I remember Atlantic 252 said:

8.1°, slightly below average, I expect mostly N or E winds

may increase mine to 9.4°, dismal April I still expect, mostly north and east winds, especially horrid around 14th, perfect winter setup with rain

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I'll go for a very mild 9.8 degrees, high maxima tempered by some colder minima at times, perhaps one or two colder northerly outbreaks, but nothing long lasting, but maybe a more notable cooling trend towards month end, too late to peg CET values back.

A generally dry month especially in southern, central parts and quite a sunny one for most. 

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