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Convective / Storm Discussion Thread - 27th Feb onwards

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Lovely looking storm this afternoon! 

Here's the one that didn't get away. Taken at Crawley, West Sussex.

All bark but no bite down here on the south coast! 

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Just now, Mapantz said:

How can it be a Kent Clipper when we've had a half decent thunder & lightning show, here in Dorset?

Dear God! Areas from.Dorset to Kent have had a pretty decent lightning display since 10pm.Almighty crash of thunder as I type.

Not a thunderstorm classic, decent, and into our third hour now.

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1 hour ago, london-snow said:

Look mate real unstable mass has only just reached coastal areas and yet to interact further inland. Give it half hour and I think you'll be surprised..

Not surprised at all that it's turned into yet another boring Kent clipper. Chucking it down here though which is relaxing to listen to  from my bed and I won't have to water the allotment tomorrow. 

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2 minutes ago, TropicThunder said:

Infrequent but stunning lightning, flickering for several seconds at a time.  Shame it's so sporadic but at least we've had something.

My thoughts exactly! Should call it a night but it's fun waiting to see if there's any more.

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Just now, TJS1998Tom said:

Looks like they're also beginning to head more in land

Defiantly looking to be heading North now! Still wont be able to see this myself as I'm in Yorkshire lol, still interesting to watch on the radar though


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Just now, CaptainHappy said:

Are you actually on the clifftop? If you are, I bet the lightning is pretty impressive

No but I bet it would be good down there. 

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