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SE & East Anglia Regional Weather Discussion 12/1/2017 11z ---->

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2C in Bognor Regis and slushy stuff on top of car. Sleeting heavily now. Amazing, I never expect to see as much as one snowflake!

3 minutes later and it has gone down to 1C with all snow and settling! Whoopee!!!

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It's settling now 

I think snow chances this evening for most of us that live at low-levels will depend very much on how quickly the colder and drier arctic air undercuts the rain from the NW - which will relate to how

I've only just realised what a bunch of nutters we all are lol. All this drama for a 'bit' of snow .... I've spent hours if not days n days watching all this unfold .....Now all I'm left with is about

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6 minutes ago, cookie27 said:

Look at the main area of precipitation near st albans hasnt moved since 3-pm, the chart your showing is cloud cover, it will slow and rotate before leaving SE.

Best we just agree to disagree cookie 

enjoy what you get!

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Settling everywhere now in Harpenden Herts. 

That NW wind really pushing the band quickly SE now. Probably another hour max of snow here before it stops! 

Leaving Kent around 8-9pm I recon 

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13 minutes ago, VillagePlank said:

Timings, location, and precipitation type seem to be very good from Euro4. Is this the defacto snow forecasting model?



We are right in that pink bit and seen no snow in Northants at all at work in Rushden. 

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10 minutes ago, jaynemc said:

Heavy snow between Guildford and Horsham. Starting to settle. Also settling snow in Horsley as hubby struggling home in a sports car...wish him luck with that one lol.


Edit...now stuck at Newlands Corner...roads impassable already !! 

That reminds me of a long time ago when my exboyfriend had a very expensive sports car, it was a little frosty one morning, he went out and came back a while later to sheepishly ask me if he could borrow my dented old metro as his car couldnt cope with a bit of weather!:yahoo:

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