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SE & East Anglia Regional Weather Discussion 12/1/2017 11z ---->

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It's settling now 

I think snow chances this evening for most of us that live at low-levels will depend very much on how quickly the colder and drier arctic air undercuts the rain from the NW - which will relate to how

I've only just realised what a bunch of nutters we all are lol. All this drama for a 'bit' of snow .... I've spent hours if not days n days watching all this unfold .....Now all I'm left with is about

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Evening snowlovers!

Temp 5.4 DP3 and with the NNW wind it's a feel like 1.

A wintry mix of graupel, chunks of snow and sleet. We have had  5.3mm rain today and another 14mm of 'something' yet to arrive!

Edit to add...wet snow now falling :) in the now northerly breeze that has picked up to 3mph.

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4 minutes ago, tomp456 said:

Too good to be true, I'm sticking with rain/sleet at best 

Perhaps lower, but higher Surrenden/Ditchling Rd, near the South Downs tend to normally do very well in these situations.  As does where I am - the very top of Elm Grove

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I'm stuck between the SW & SE forum, people seem to be in both from around me. But if your east of the Portsmouth - London line then heavy sleet will be with you soon.

Coming down heavy here hopefully will soon turn to the proper stuff. 


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3 minutes ago, Essexgooner said:

Here in Barling its currently pouring of rain still


Long way to go here yet mate before the cold air digs in.

Temp 4.6c
DP 3.3c

Wind: SSW

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