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SE & East Anglia Regional Weather Discussion 12/1/2017 11z ---->

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It's settling now 

I think snow chances this evening for most of us that live at low-levels will depend very much on how quickly the colder and drier arctic air undercuts the rain from the NW - which will relate to how

I've only just realised what a bunch of nutters we all are lol. All this drama for a 'bit' of snow .... I've spent hours if not days n days watching all this unfold .....Now all I'm left with is about

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12 minutes ago, steveinsussex said:

lol it's so poor that we all so excited about a few flakes....


so jealous of the NE US 

My mates out in Philly they were getting 3 inches per hour! Totally snowed in!!

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The snow I've got is much bigger flakes than it was, wouldn't say it overly 'light' it's not laying but it is still SNOW.

I'm happy with it, I can watch it fall not asking for anything else other than to see some lovely falling snow. 

For a snow lover it is better than sun. 


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Now why is it NW Kent is not included in the yellow warning zone yet we are included in the written snow warning area? I reckon the hilly downs east of maidstone will be the sweetspot tonight


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28 minutes ago, throwoff said:

Well it is now snowing in Medway...

It's tiny flakes and barely any but it is coming down.

Same here, am really surprised that its turned to very light snow here.

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14 minutes ago, Blackie said:

Egyptian snow...? 2-10, come on...

I'll get my coat...:hi:

Lol , well it is snowing probably 1.5 but warrants more than 1 . Well it did anyway as its gone back to snizzle again with the odd flake mixed in . Some heavier precipitation entering the north of London looking at the radar . All a bit of a non event so far though , but for a snow crazy bloke like me this is better than nothing .

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