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Good alternative to the vantage vue (price wise)

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After having loads of problems with my station and website, and scrapping just about everything I had on the internet, im now back up and running.

Ive had my Aercus Weathersleuth, same as Watson 8681 pro solar, for about 6 months and I have to say its been worth every penny of the £150.00 it cost me.

Originally it wasn't supported by any software, direct ip only to wunderground, but I asked Brian of weatherdisplay to look at it - he asked me to test some code and
eventually got it working with weatherdisplay, so this also applies to other variants of this weather station.

16 second updates and fast wind gust measurement, all so far so good 

I have now completed my site after much work with additional coding, with the excellent template from Brian Underdown at weather34.com, and now I have what I wanted for many years after buying my 1st
bargain basement station, which fell apart several times and had 90 second slow updates !

Just added a link to netweather too, site link in my signature. 

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Hello I've just joined the site and was looking at getting the Weather Ranger as my first ever station are you still of the opinion that the Aercus is ok for the price.

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Apologies, I have only just seen this.

My opinion is yes its great value. Both models use the same sensors and I have been very happy with the accuracy and reliability so far.

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