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Looking good for team wales today / this eve- Have fun !!

Dyma rai o'm lluniau gaeafol (Dydd Mawrth - Wythnos diwethaf) Here are some of my wintry scenes from Tuesday, last week Lleoliad/ Location: Blaenau Clwyd 230masl  (Between Corwen and Rhuthun)

Fair dooz to Torfaen council. They've initiated their red warning plan. I've just received the survival package.

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17 minutes ago, WelshSnowFan said:

Just turned to snow. Ground and surfaces wet so will need intensity to pick up to have any chance of it settling...,,

.....and back to sleet. No surprises there....only hope is wind has just picked up....hope this the easterly element to the front cutting in....

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Nothing at home yet and of Course Newport nothing either - I'm only a few Miles from Andy so hopefully its travelling East and will be here soon enough - is that why Tredegar is struggling at the moment aswel - its obviously not the elevation


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Snowing here in Aberdare and just starting to settle but intensity will need to pick up and temp drop to see anything of note. Above 200m should do well esp SE and E facing slopes of the valleys and of course the H ot V too 

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Just now, soupsurfer7 said:

Looks like it's all starting to kick off now... folk on high ground are in for a wild night

Not so sure - there isn't a massive amount of intensity there - seems to be having the life sucked out of it

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