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Looking good for team wales today / this eve- Have fun !!

Dyma rai o'm lluniau gaeafol (Dydd Mawrth - Wythnos diwethaf) Here are some of my wintry scenes from Tuesday, last week Lleoliad/ Location: Blaenau Clwyd 230masl  (Between Corwen and Rhuthun)

Some photos from this morning up on the Rhigos between Hirwaun and Treherbert. Here we are around 480-500m asl  it was stunning with amazing views over the Brecon Beacons and beyond. The mountain

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5 minutes ago, PompeyFC said:

Still not convinced about Tuesday yet. Net weather extra precip chart as others shows snow crossing central wales then into Pembrokeshire.  Wont know for sure till the day I reckon 

countryfile had it smacking directly into us

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Sorry I haven't been about this afternoon been busy trying to source a gas cooking kit and portable gas heater - now SORTED - can see it's got a bit busier too - where have you all been hiding - we usually only have one post a day on yer lol


Rain/Snowfall EURO4 Mo 26.02.2018 06 GMT

Rain/Snowfall EURO4 Mo 26.02.2018 18 GMT

Rain/Snowfall EURO4 Tu 27.02.2018 00 GMT

Rain/Snowfall EURO4 Tu 27.02.2018 06 GMT

Rain/Snowfall EURO4 Tu 27.02.2018 12 GMT

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1 minute ago, andymusic said:

not sure about a polar low - think we'll be seeing polar bears moving in as the new neighbours though by the end of the week lol




What is a 'Polar low'?

Submitted by uk.sci.weather on Wed, 17/01/2007 - 9:56pm.

When arctic-origin air in winter flows southward (northward in the southern hemisphere) across (relatively) warmer seas, strong surface heating acts both to enhance the degree of instability, and trigger vigorous moist convective towers. This is sufficient alone to give rise to heavy, wintry showers/cumulonimbus clusters etc., but often marked troughing, or even a closed circulation in the isobaric flow is found; the resultant low-level convergence/positive vorticity enhancement, plus the localised concentration of the latent heat energy released, enhances development within the system, and an intense (but synoptically small) area of rain, hail, sleet or snow & squally winds can result


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1 hour ago, RhysWales said:

Who's watching Countryfile then? First time I have since 2013! :rofl: At least I can impress my country-dwelling team leader tomorrow in work! Seriously considering booking Friday off but really don't want to jinx it! What do you guys reckon?

I'm booking it Rhys and I only work down the road from you in Newport

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12 minutes ago, freeze for all said:

It isn't a polar low on Tuesday 

the Siberian air is that cold the disturbance in the flow after coming over the sea is causing the precip to increase and become more organized - in that sense of the word and because even though the air is coming from the east - it originated from the artic being that cold - so can be considered a polar low or a rash of precip which forms a more organized front

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Shwmae Bawb!?

Im one of the many Welsh young somethings living in England (as Wales seems to have ff all investment in jobs :( )

Anyway .... cold in Cambridge "Caergrawnt" now ... -2C and dropping steadily. Dew points -8C

Cold air hit about 4-6pm ... much colder to come later in the week :)

Fingers crossed / Croesi'r bysedd ... for you all to see some snow.

Hwyl am nawr / So long for now :) <3

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