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Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

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Warm seas have made our coasts magical, last mon splashing around down Southerndown. Been seen on many beach, Three cliffs, Pobbles, Permon point the most prevalent. Intresting this is the 3rd year in a row, sign of changing times? https://www.facebook.com/groups/182734892412764/permalink/192697998083120/

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9 hours ago, cruelwx said:

The tourists have arrived, Mc Donald’s packaging thrown into the lanes, how lovely.

I will never understand the brain dead, backward mentality of people who throw rubbish from their car window into the road, whether it's a country lane or a motorway.  It's a disgusting, lazy, unsociable habit.

The weather has changed today with cloudy skies and much lower temperatures - more comfortable it has to be said - but still no sign of meaningful rain.  This has been the longest almost completely rain free period I can remember.  The ground remains rock hard and dusty.  On the MOD thread many seem to believe that the hot weather is going to return but I am inclined to think we are in for a more normal spell of weather for the rest of July, at least here in the west.

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Tis not merely tourists mit the trash chucking, the (really?) flower of England/Wales regularly decorate the country roads with McDonald’s, Nando’s, takeaways, drink cans and bottles.  As a middle aged Womble , I am constantly moving things to bins, or taking bin bags on country/dog walks and DON’T get me started on the pregnant goldfish who put dog poo in poobags and lob them in trees or just drop them on the road!  Anyway, rant over, back to weather.  Blessed rain most of the day, obviates need to water (hurrah!!!) and hopefully provides enough moisture content to stop the fields from catching fire, (some through heat, many more through fagends lobbed out of windows by the above mentioned flowers of youth.  🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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