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Long weeks with sunny and warm weather., February run over +4 over the monthly avarage... march same way.

 Finally some rain, and some snow over 1300 meters for next days..



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My son, who lives in Italy, CASTELNOVO di Isola Vicentina, took this photo on Saturday evening during an intense thunderstorm.  Apologies for delay but I though it worth posting. 



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Here's a piece about summer skiing (or the lack of) in the North-Eastern Alps (with my translation). Article dated 22nd August 2017

Original link: http://www.repubblica.it/cronaca/2017/08/22/news/c_era_una_volta_lo_sci_d_estate_la_resa_dell_ultimo_ghiacciaio-173564734/?ref=RHPPBT-VA-I0-C4-P9-S1.4-T1

Translation (think he meant the ultimate, rather than last glacier):

Once upon a time at the Stelvio Pass, there used to be summer skiing: the surrender of the ultimate glacier.

For the first time in 50 years, the lifts are closing due to high temperatures. Not even the use of thermal covers can preserve the snow at a height of 3,000m.

BOLZANO. Three centimetres of fresh snow aren’t enough to fill in the ever-widening crevasses on a glacier which is feeling the strain from global warming. So, summer skiing on the Stelvio Pass has thrown in the towel: the pistes should have re-opened on Sunday, after an unprecedented mid-August break. Instead, they’ll stay shut until a yet-to-be-determined date; that is, until the snow, which at the end of August, at 3,000m above sea level should be plentiful, sweeps away, with one white hand, the unsettling grey affecting all Alpine glaciers this year; grubby with dust, rocks and even African sand, and therefore even more helpless from the solar rays.


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