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Three Favourite UK places

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Just arranged a few days R&R in Argyll at the end of the month - and a temporary escape from the Christmas hype. Can't wait, and when I come back home it will be less than three weeks until the winter solstice. :)


posted in wrong thread - again! - never mind!

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1. Edinburgh (the beauty of the old town, the friendly people)

2. Manchester (in particular the Northern Quarter for its live music and hipster scene, Ancoats for its up and coming young demographic, Chorlton)

3. Llyn Peninsula, Wales (for the pretty scenery and beeches)

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The Lake District, particularly around Borrowdale, surrounded by mountains.

Kinder Scout.


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On 07/08/2017 at 16:53, Mokidugway said:




like to drive around them  in my Mercedes giving it large :rofl:

Hey moki, we don't see you any more on jp weather community, is that because you are rehabilitated on this site?

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