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Convective Storm/Discussion thread - 02/09/16 onwards

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My piece de resistance: (drumroll please...)  

I've just been going through my phones photos from yesterday. Apart from the two oversized bras on next door's washing, this popped up: Finally got one!!

From what I understand, the current isolated storm cells have developed on a convergence wave tied into the circulation of the depression in Biscay. This "wave" will rotate and traverse slo

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Saw a few distant flashes from that stuff out in Lyme Bay, earlier and more recently, and a couple faint atmospheric flashes from the East Dorset storms when I looked. Sadly that's as good as it's gunna get :(

Another good example of how the ATD always seems to become less accurate and misses lots of strikes at night:

blitzortung.pngATD.pngATD 2.png

Do half the detectors have to sleep or something?

Edit: radar removed shows it clearer.

Blitzortung often 'over-counts' but not that much. Just curious as I thought it was meant to be the 'gold standard' of UK lightning detection or at least very good.

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14 minutes ago, Norfolk Sheep said:

Northampton has grown a cell :) 

I thought I heard something but thought nah can't be, all the action is south. Just looked on the radar and that cell is about 5 miles to my west! Not a drop here though. 

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I am still out here and sat just outside Basingstoke where I have been for the past hour. Unbelievable thunder and lightning, bolts, shotgun thunder and torrential rain. This reminds me if the storms i remember as a kid! It's still going too. I am so happy, despite the fact I have to be at work tomorrow and will be so tired!!!

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