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Convective Storm/Discussion thread - 02/09/16 onwards

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13 minutes ago, ajpoolshark said:

the pics above are looking south/south east towards Salisbury...this storm is about 10-15 miles away with plenty of deep booming rumbles, but it is moving quickly to the NW

yes can see it from the other side to my north east

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My piece de resistance: (drumroll please...)  

I've just been going through my phones photos from yesterday. Apart from the two oversized bras on next door's washing, this popped up: Finally got one!!

From what I understand, the current isolated storm cells have developed on a convergence wave tied into the circulation of the depression in Biscay. This "wave" will rotate and traverse slo

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6 minutes ago, Bristle boy said:

A brief heavy shower accompanied by a few rumbles of thunder, around midday - that's yer lot for central Bristol.

Oh....and temps hovering around 19c.

20c here there just dosent seem enough warmth 

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3 minutes ago, SalopWatcher said:

Well i have been using live lightening for a long time and thats as close to where I am as its detected a strike! Strike Yellow and red me! Still going on now. 


Was it a CG? The same site showed one approx. 500m from me at lunchtime and that had stonking shotgun thunder!

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Great to read and see the pics of the storms today folks - some very moody skies out there!  


On another note can anyone shed any light on this weather warning up this way (NE and Scotland) from the Met O?  All of the predictions appeared to favour a western and southern affair so I'm at a loss as to why these are out until 11pm tonight?

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1 minute ago, Darren Bown said:

Lightning activity is consistently dropping as any storm passes north of the Midlands.

Strange isn't it, was all meant to converge around NW England from what (admittedly little) I've seen today. Literally as soon as the precipitation reaches N Shrops/Cheshire it dies a death. One storm did initiate around Stoke though and push up into the E of Manchester.

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