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What's your favourite month from past memories?

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Off the top of my head, here are some standout months that I have memories of (having been born in 1986):

Dec 2010

July 2006

August 2003

August 1995

Feb 1991

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Forecast from early February 1986  

Dec 2010. Quite simply a month that will never be beaten. We didn't get much snow in Cannock in relation to other places, but the depth of the cold was remarkable. Not getting above -6c on Christmas a

Been loads really I'm an old fart so I can remember 62/63 when I lived with my parents and it was indeed snowy. However from what I have read other parts of the NW didn't get much snow at all. I lived

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December 1993 for the White Christmas, granted it was like the 27th ;) 

August 2003 with the vicious heat

August 2004 for the heat and thunderstorms

February 2007 for the snowstorm during a mild winter

February 2009 for some proper heavy snow / then a mild second half

January 2010 for the bitter cold and snow

December 2010 for the White Christmas and snow

March 2012 for the warmth - I remember visiting Weston for the weekend and coming back to the Midlands with a tan! 

January 2013 for the snow

August / September 2016 for the heat. 

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It's strange, but I can remember weather events of 50 years ago in great detail but apart from the odd extreme event I only have limited memory from 2000 onwards. Anyway, my favorite month of all time was August 1976. Early in 1976 I'd booked the last 2 weeks of August off to stay in a caravan on the Llyn Peninsular. Seeing how hot July was and knowing how unpredictable the British weather was I was getting pretty concerned that the weather would, break but it never did. 2 weeks of unbroken sunshine with temps in the high 20's, just amazing. There are 2 other months that stand out, March 1965 and January 1982. March '65 was a fairly snowy month, no great accumulations but several falls of a couple of inches followed by a thaw. Then in the middle of March it turned really cold and an Easterly set in, a really biting wind the coldest wind I've ever known even surpassing anything in 62/63. The bits of snow left on trees and roofs started blowing off and piling up into mini drifts but the main action didn't start until I got home from school when the snow started in earnest. Huge plumes of snow crossed the field by my house and by 6 o'clock the drifts were up to my knees. It was still snowing when I went to bed but had stopped when I got up. I had to walk to school, 3 miles, but on the way helped dig out some guy who got stuck in the lane and had slept in his car. Amazingly, within a couple of days it was a balmy 16 degrees and the snow vanished alarmingly quickly . Jan '82 was incredibly cold, I recorded -18 or lower several nights on the run and there was also a very rare daytime blizzard but what stood out was the speed of the thaw which produced an event I've never seen before or since. Before I went to bed I recorded -18 but around 3 in the morning I heard the dreaded sound of hissing water which actually turned out to be my header tank defrosting itself. The temperature had shot up to 10 degrees and a rapid thaw had set in. There hadn't been any new snow for several days so it was well compacted down our lane but as the snow melted it formed what I can only describe as mini icebergs a couple of feet long and 2 or 3 inches thick which floated along the road. Walking was treacherous, driving was impossible for several hours, weirdest weather event I've ever seen!



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For depth and persistance of cold - December 2010 hands down. 

For heat - August 1995, virtually no rain and max temps consistently above 25 degrees throughout, exceptional stuff.

For snowfall - February 1996, 18 inch level cover, school closed for a week.

For rainfall - December 2015, epic amounts, destructive flooding.

Too young to remember the likes of Dec 1981 which probably would inch out Feb 96 in terms of number of heavy snowfalls, likewise Jan 79, though we didn't see the same amount of snow as in Feb 96.

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For me February 1986 had it all. I was at secondary school and had to turn a corner to walk headlong into a Easterly near gale most mornings, something I've never forgotten.

Snow piled up here in Plymouth and took a long time to melt away.

After that of course August 1995 was superb remembered more for my Aunt passing away than the weather but boy it was hot.

The other memorable spell was the hot spell mid April 2003. Working in a non air-condition office in Altrincham wasn't fun and that led to a pretty good summer.

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I personally liked November 2005. If I remember correctly, it began on a very mild note, but high pressure built in just after mid-month. Fog (which was often reluctant to clear the following day) and frost were regular occurences in my neck of the woods (Black Country). I think the CET was fairly average overall, due to a very mild first half being cancelled out by a very cold second half. I think the last fortnight was the coldest since 1993...


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Oct 1987 (For that storm)

Aug 1990 (First extreme hot spell I had experienced)

Feb 1991 (Deepest, most prolonged cold I've ever known)

Aug 1995 (Endless heat)

Oct 2000 (Crazy floods)

Aug 2003 (Incredible heatwave)

July 2006 (Not as hot as 2003 but constant through the whole month)

Jan 2010 (Nationwide blizzards)

Dec 2010 (Very cold / snowy start and middle)

Oct 2011 (30C in October, amazing)

July 2013 (Perfectly alligned for heat on the south coast)

Dec 2015 (A winter month without a coat)

Pick of the bunch - July 2006


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My memories go back to the outstanding winter of 1947,although I was very young I remember despite living close to the coast in North East  England we had snow for what seemed an eternity,The blizzards of February and March are the most distinct memories,walking to school in the February and finding that our class window had been left open and half the classroom being buried under snow and being sent home-a whole day playing out in the blizzard-was great. 1963 is much fresher in my mind although the actual snowfalls in my area were not as severe as 47 the sheer period of time that it persisted made it memorable up here. Then there was 1979 which for the North East snow wise probably beat anything that occurred prior to it for the depth of the white stuff. Mid Feb and Mid March brought the 2 most severe storms but most of the winter gave us great falls. The storm inFeb-The 14th I think started i the morning and the showers developed into periods of snow and for most of the day and well past midnight it was chaos, the road to Scotland over Carter Bar was blocked before you reached Ponteland  which is about a mile from the airport. The March snowstorm also occurred around mid month and the snow fell from Friday nighy until around lunchtime on Sunday,this time we were cut of for 2 days!. Nothing has come near to that although like most 2010 was a great winter.

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