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South West & CS England Weather Discussion Spring 2016 (26th March ------->)


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Quite change this morning and quite unpleasant. Cool unstable airmass (trop. down to 400mb on the 00z Camborne ascent) with large Cu/Cb giving frequent showers, some of hail during the night. A strong westerly wind of 20mph, gusting 30 and a temp of 7C. One can't help feeling sorry for those who have popped down for an Easter break. At least the depression tomorrow will be long gone.


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4.6mm of rain yesterday.

Some good sunny spells, almost as windy as yesterday as well..

Temp: 10.4°C - Hum: 73% - Dew: 5.4°C - Bar: 1000.81hPa - Rain: 2.4mm - Wind: SW @ 13mph, gusting to 29mph.

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Lovely morning, just missed most the showers, and looking at the radar nothing much in the offering later either, so should be a good afternoon as well.

Windy though, 18mph gusting to 28mph

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6 minutes ago, ThundersnowDays said:

Awww that thundershower just missed me to the south well at least I get a cool cloudscape.

Yes some wonderful cloudscapes this afternoon . Recently had a covering of hail in Warminster , bright warm sunshine again now.

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All change in the skies here, indicating the arrival of this complexed system. It's nice to see my station forecast on the ball!

It'll be interesting to see how low the pressure drops to?! The center of it tracks right across our region.

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13 minutes ago, Snowkissed said:

What is the lowest pressure you have known in this area Mapantz?


I can't remember the exact figure, as its from old data- somewhere between 2008 and 2010. It was in the 960's 967 or something like that..

2016: 976.91 hPa
2015:  982.12 hPa
2014: 974.56 hPa
2013: 984.33 hPa
2012: 974.82 hPa
2011: 979.21 hPa

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Really wet this evening with persistent heavy rain averaging about 7mm each hour hour, but with more intense bursts. Wind getting up too.

Lots of heavy shower earlier today, including a brief intense burst of hail of at least pea size if not a bit larger.

27.2mm so far today, may be a slight over read but the manual showed similar before it got dark. Gunna be some flooding issues if this keeps up.

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