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Finding a web designer/developer with "weather" expertise

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Hi all

Hoping someone can help.  I've been hunting high and low for a web designer or developer who has a proven track record managing and integrating weather APIs/datafeeds.  Alas I am having no luck, neither here in the UK nor amongst the multitude of freelancers in India.  I'm not looking to integrate a standard weather API - i.e. weather conditions and/or forecast for ABC location.  Rather I'm looking for someone who can help me manipulate the data somewhat (probably using a simple algorithm) to produce a league table of, for example, the 10 windiest locations in Europe right now, or the 10 sunniest, or the 10 wettest etc, etc.

So I thought I might have a sniff around here in one of my old haunts where I know there are an awful lot of very knowledgeable weather geeks hanging out.  

Any ideas?

Cheers muchly


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