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As somebody who has great interest in the weather,sadly with no in depth knowledge,be interesting to see what members views of forecasting improvement are,considering the sums of money invested in the science.For example,im from an era of television and newspaper forecasts,you had little other choice.At this point, looking at archive photos of the South of England,massive snow drifts,communities cut off ect,were there less things to go wrong back then,making forecasting a little easier.I would suggest that Channel Lows might in some way have been responsible,however the last 4 or 5 of these in my region,produced hardly a flake of snow,despite severe weather warning only the day before.The Nick Sussex shortwave,destroyer of dreams,is that a recent thing or has it been around for years.

With the advent of internet weather forecasting and also massive overhype by certain newspapers,my guess is the Met had to become more guarded,so not to be vilified if things went wrong.It is clear the weather is changing for whatever reason my amateur question is how well forecasting is keeping pace with it

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