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New Flood Defence Ideas

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I have been thinking about flood defence and have thought of a few ideas that could possibly be looked at more closely.

Some of the most ridiculous ideas that people have come out with over the decades have been developed into projects and then inventions that are very useful today.

Here are 2 flood easing systems I have thought of, they can be used separately or combined depending on the local geography of the land, they would be used together with general flood defence walls.

1 - Water absorbing sponges

2 - Drains in mountains

What ideas do you have?


Never scrap an idea to quickly, science is in need of new thinking, new ideas for now and the future.

Our world's changing climate is in fast mode,  it is changing patterns and swapping climates very quickly and intensely. Those that were not to sure before probably are now. We only need to look at the UK flood/storm events over the last few years to believe the change.





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