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Heathrow runway delay (again)

Do we need an extra runway in the UK  

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  1. 1. Do we need an extra runway?

    • Yes - Heathrow
    • Yes - Gatwick
    • No at neither airport

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Once again the decision on an extra runway at Heathrow has been delayed. Before I comment I point out clearly that I live nowhere near Heathrow and therefore any extra tarmac has no impacted on me directly. I am a regular user of the airport. I also fully acknowledge it is an emotive subject to the people it affects greatly.


We all know the arguments for and against an extra runway and both sides put up excellent reasons for their respective position. After considering both sets of reasons, I would vote for the runway on economic grounds and the benefits it would bring to the county. Let’s not get into “only for the south”, as any extra runway is only going to be for the Heathrow or Gatwick and we are now passed that particular view point.


The reason for the delay is purely political so as to get the London Mayoral elections done and dusted. Love it or hate it aviation is an important part of our economy and should be encouraged.


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Yes we do need a runway, although it's a shame that yet again it "must" be all about the south-east, but what's done is done now.

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