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Put on the spot

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Tell us about the moments when you've been caught out or put on the spot...

Mine couldn't be better! I arrived at my English class this evening to find my regional boss there. He gently informed me that there was a TV crew who wanted to film part of the lesson for a programme to be screened in February about English teaching in the region, and was this OK? Of course mouth says, mind furiously revising tonight's session! The boss then swiftly buggers off and leaves me to it. Microphone up my top, transmitter clipped on my trousers...but (yikes) most of the students who have been working on our climate change project were not there - the ones who were not there last week for the start of the project were here this week - typical! A very swift induction for the new ones and it went like clockwork. Proud of myself, but absolutely shattered!

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