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Embedding tweets, videos and other content in your posts

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A nice feature of this new forum software is that it's very easy to embed content from the likes of twitter, facebook, youtube etc into your posts. Just get the link of the tweet, facebook post, video, and paste that into your post and the system will embed it for you. 

For example - a facebook post:

A tweet:

A youtube video

(other video providers such as Vimeo work in the same way too)

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Fantastic feature! makes life a lot more easier on my iPad I usually just provided links to such material. :)

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Is it possible to embed a full twitter conversation made up of a number of tweets with images, as displayed on twitter itself when just the using the link?


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Afraid not, as Twitter don't provide this functionality (in terms of external embedding) at the moment. 

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    • By AWD
      This may be simple but with a banging headache I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
      In the Sports section I quoted someone's post and wrote my post below as normal.  Submitted post and all was fine.
      I now want to write another post in the same thread but I still have the original quote I previously quoted in my posting box.  Whilst I can delete all the writing in the quote box, the actual grey quote box remains.  I can't delete it from my posting box.
      1) Is it right that every time I make a post into a thread that I've previously posted in after the upgrade, the previous post stays in my post box and I have to manually delete it?
      2) If Yes, how do I delete the grey quote box?
    • By Paul
      As you may have spotted, we've upgraded the forum this morning, hopefully you like the changes - there are a whole lot of new features which I'll go through in more detail shortly. 
      In the meantime we will have a couple of days where some things won't work as well as they should, while the system is rebuilding things behind the scenes. The problems you may see will include:
      Search not working. View new content (now known as Unread content) not working properly - especially with regard to posts made before the update. Post formatting may be strange on posts made prior to the upgrade. Images may open strangely (in a new tab or window) in posts made prior to the upgrade.  Images posted before the upgrade will be full size. Quotes posted before the upgrade won't be marked as quotes. The blogging system is currently offline. Activity streams will be incomplete.  Searching for posts from members you follow may throw an error. The forum may not be as quick to load as usual at times. All of these issues should sort themselves in around 48 hours once all of the rebuilds have been completed. In the meantime, if you spot anything not right which isn't in this list please let us know. 
      Once the rebuild is complete, many people will notice that their post counts have changed - some up, some down. This is down to the new system recounting everything and removing old pruned posts (we used to regularly prune posts to keep the database small) from counts, as well as now including posts in the off topic areas and other pieces of content within the count. 
    • By Paul
      One new, and really useful feature on the forum is the activity stream. From here you can view the latest content as it's posted, unread content since your last visit, content you're following, people you're following (although this is currently not working, but will be soon), and can customise the feeds so it only displays what you'd like it to. 
      For instance if your the thread you most often post into are the model thread and winter chat threads, you could set up a feed to show you the posts in the winter area from threads you've posted in to. 
      For those who have been regular users of the old view new content page, that's now incorporated into the activity streams and can be found here:
      To view the activity streams (there are a set of default streams, plus the option to make your own) just head to the activity menu: (desktop on the left, mobile on the right)
      Clicking on one of the pre-made stream options will bring that up, and from there you can change the view with the small links on the right hand side, and by clicking the tick you can make that stream your default.

      To customise a stream, just head over to the custom stream page and select from the options there:
      The streams you make will then be saved in your account and available from the menu. 
      If you have any questions at all about the activity streams, feel free to ask!
    • By Paul
      As we have new forum software now, the way to post images has changed a little, so just posting this guide to help those who are unsure. 
      There are two ways to post an image. 1st is to use the image uploader - you can upload any image you have on your pc this way. And it's just a case of either dragging them from your pc to the editor here:

      Or, you can click to choose files and select which image(s) you'd like to upload. 
      Once they're uploaded, you'll be able to see them at the bottom of the editor. You can either then drag them to the position in your post using your mouse, click the plus button on them to place them into your post where the cursor currently is, or you can leave them there and they'll be inserted at the end of your post automatically. 

      The other way to include images in your post is to remote link them. You can do this by right clicking on the image you want to include, and depending on the browser there may be an option to 'copy image url' or alternatively you can click the option to go to image properties and get the url from there.
      Once you have it, clicking the 'insert other media' button on the bottom right of the editor will show an option to insert image from url, and you can paste the url you copied into there box which appears. 
      That'll then place the image into the post. 
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