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Image posting guide

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As we have new forum software now, the way to post images has changed a little, so just posting this guide to help those who are unsure. 

There are two ways to post an image. 1st is to use the image uploader - you can upload any image you have on your pc this way. And it's just a case of either dragging them from your pc to the editor here:


Or, you can click to choose files and select which image(s) you'd like to upload. 

Once they're uploaded, you'll be able to see them at the bottom of the editor. You can either then drag them to the position in your post using your mouse, click the plus button on them to place them into your post where the cursor currently is, or you can leave them there and they'll be inserted at the end of your post automatically. 


Once you have it, clicking the 'insert other media' button on the bottom right of the editor will show an option to insert image from url, and you can paste the url you copied into there box which appears. 


That'll then place the image into the post. 

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