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November 2015 - Monthly Statistics

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A brief summary here:

November 2015 - an exceptionally mild autumn month (warmest since 2011) with a low average air pressure. Interestingly however, it brought the earliest snow since at least 2008.


Days with:

Rain: (>1mm): 26

Strong winds (>40 mph gusts): 9

No sun: 9

Thunder: 0

Hail: 4

Fog: 3

Frost: 4

Snow falling: 2

Snow accumulating: 1



Highest maxima: 19°C (1st) - Record high for Nov

Lowest maxima: 3°C (21st)

Highest minima: 15°C (10th) - Record high for Nov

Lowest minima: -4°C (21st)


Mean maxima: 12.23°C

Mean minima: 9.27°C

Overall mean: 9.25°C - 2.32°C above the 1981-2010 average.


Air pressure at 18:00:

Highest air pressure: 1025mb (1st)

Lowest air pressure: 990mb (17th)

Mean air pressure: 1008.0mb




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November - Hobart, Tasmania

A mild and rather dry end to spring. The highest daily rainfall total of 27mm (12th) made up the bulk of the month's rainfall, as a low pressure system over the southern mainland eventually extended over waters to Tasmania's east, giving locally heavy falls to the coast. The remaining 13mm fell throughout the month in dribs and drabs on weak troughs and fronts, and in follow up onshore breezes as high pressure ridged in from the west. Cold enough behind fronts on the 3rd and 26th for a dusting of snow to 700-800m.

Average maximum;  20.5 (+1.6)

Average minimum: 10.8 (+0.9)

Rainfall:  40mm ( average 53mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ):  6/from 13


Extremes in daily temperature for November ( records since 1882 ):

Highest maximum:  32.5.....9th ( Record 36.8 in 1937 )

Lowest maximum:  13.0.....2nd ( Record 8.4 in 1885 )

Highest minimum:  15.2.....6th ( Record 19.9 in 1937 )

Lowest minimum:  4.8.....28th  ( Record 0.3 in 1913 )


Spring season 2015

This was Hobart's warmest spring in 134 years of records. The mean temperature surpassed the 2014 record by 0.2C and the mean maximum temperature surpassed the 2014 record by 0.3C. Spring rainfall of 80mm ( 48% of average ) was the sixth lowest and the driest since 1972. For Tasmania as a whole it was the driest spring on record and the second warmest. 


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Cantley  summary for November and the autumn

Cantley Weather summary for November and autumn 2015


A very mild month in spite of a 4 day period (20-24th) with a mean of just 4.1C with 2 air frosts. Also a wet month with only 5 days with no rain at all.



Avge Max=12.4 (10.2) highest daytime value was 18.8C on 10th (the highest I know of in this area with RAF Finningley 1943-1995 showing 18.5C on 14 November 1971), coldest day was 21 st with 4.7

Avge Min=7.0 (5.1) the coldest night was 22nd with -3.3 and the warmest night was 10th with 15.6

Mean=9.7 (7.7)

Rain fell on 25 days, the wettest day=7th with 9.8 mm and a total of 52.1 mm

No snow, hail or thunder.

2 air frosts (3) and 4 ground frosts (7 )


Autumn data

September Avge Min=8.1  with Avge Max 19.2  Mean=13.6  Rainfall=33.4 mm

October Avge Min=7.7  with Avge Max= 15.5  Mean= 7.7 

Rainfall =63.4 mm

November Avge Min=7.0  and Avge Max=12.4  Mean= 9.7 

Rainfall= 52.1 mm


Autumn Avge Min=7.6, Avge Max=15.7 and Mean=11.7 Rainfall total=148.9 mm

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