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The model thread survival guide for winter 2015/16 - Please read

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Our aims for the model thread

We want you to enjoy using the model thread, to take part in the model discussions without fear of personal attack, or being spoken to unreasonably. We also want everyone involved (reading or posting) to know that they come come to the model discussion for informative, lively, interesting, sometimes drama-filled, even exciting, model related debate. 


Another aim for the team is not to have to remove posts, edit posts, move posts, or take action to restrict people's accounts based on what they post. This relies on everyone in the community to play their part, so we've set out some guidelines below for what should and shouldn't be posted into the model area.


Posting guidelines for the model thread


Stay on topic

  • Posts need to be model related, and discussing the output from the models / sharing opinions around that output.
  • If your post isn't model related at all, then there will be a topic elsewhere for it. TV forecasts, Met Office forecasts, will it snow type questions are three typical non-model related things which people post into the model thread which don't fit in there. 

Be nice - Posts need to be fair, reasonable, and be respectful to other members. A heated, passionate discussion is one thing, name calling and tit-for-tat argument is another, and isn't acceptable.


Be welcoming - Everyone is welcome to use Netweather, and people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of weather knowledge do. So please ensure you play your part in making people feel welcome.


Please don't:

  • Be overly defensive of your opinion - everyone is equally welcome to share their views if those views are based on the actual model output.
  • Throw accusations of trolling at people who don't share your or maybe the majority view.
  • Label people as rampers, mildies, coldies and the like, it's unhelpful and disrespectful. 


If you spot a problem - Something you think is off topic, a post you think it out of line, a member you think is trolling, and so on.


Please don't respond to it, or make a request about it on the forum - it's a busy thread, problems can and do escalate but they can only do so if people respond to the initial post. 


Please do report the post - the team are all notified of any reports straight away, and can therefore act speedily to deal with any issues which come up. 


What the team will do

We'll do our best to be fair, and reasonable. We'll judge reports/potential problems on their merits and make a decision based on what we think is the best thing for the discussion. We're all human though, so may make mistakes, and each see things slightly differently, so please consider that before 'shouting' at us!

  • We will respond to reports as quickly as possible. 
  • We'll delete/move/edit posts which go against the posting guidelines above, and when we do we'll pm the member who's post it was with info on why. 
  • For those who continue to go against the posting guidelines following previous contact(s) from the team, we will use the warn system to give a final warning prior to possible posting restrictions. 
  • Beyond that warning, potential restrictions are pre-moderation of posts, a daily post limit, a time-limited posting restriction or suspension from the forum overall, or an ongoing longer term ban from using the forums. 

We hope not to have any cause to use any restrictions or indeed give anyone warnings, but that's entirely reliant on everyone doing their bit to keep their posts within the guidelines, which in turn will mean a model thread which everyone enjoys taking part in. 


The team are all here to help keep the forum running smoothly, and we don't bite! If you're unsure of anything, have questions or ideas about the forum,  you're very welcome to contact any of us through pm. 


We hope it's a great winter for everyone, regardless of what the weather does. Thanks for reading this.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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