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A More Better, updated windspeed Range with characters.

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I already did something similar to this a few years ago, but since then have decided to do a more serious, realistic version of it.


Four versions I will go through here, the first is a 10mph increment one, the second a very general version based off of Torro Tornado Wind estimates, third the most detailed list including all of beauforts ranges up to Force 31, and fourth based on the average winds on the basic and extended beaufort scale.


The First goes up in 10mph increments and each 10mph has a character or superhero given, and the idea is that the windspeed is actually the characters range of fighting the environment as they attack it. Of Course we just can't see them!


0mph: Nibbler


10mph: Cubert


20mph: Fry


30mph: Bender


40mph: Leela


50mph: Spiderman


60mph: Green Goblin


70mph: Electro (Weakest Form)


80mph: Iron Man


90mph: Colossus


100mph: 9ft Incredible Hulk


110mph: Red Hulk/ Abomination


120mph: Gatekeeper


130mph: Thor


140mph: Silver Surfer


150mph: Morg


160mph: Tyrant


170mph: Destroyer


180mph: Scout Celestial


190mph: Dream Celestial


200mph: Judge Celestial


210mph: Akhenaten


220mph: Galactus


230mph: Chaos


240mph: Cytorak


250mph: Infinity


260mph: Eternity


270mph: Thanos


280mph: Living Tribunal


290mph: Beyonder


300mph Or Higher: One Above All


The range would probably work where say for leela her range would be from 36-45mph. A little Effort would be  36-40mph and A lot of effort 41-45mph. On top of that each mph would be given a colour code which would go up like this: 41mph: Green, 42mph: Yellow, 43mph: Orange, 44mph: Red and 45mph Purple. 



Second is The Most Basic Version:


0-3mph: Cricket


4-12mph: Nibbler


13-24mph: Cubert


25-38mph: Bender


39-54mph: Leela


55-72mph: Spiderman


73-92mph: Iron Man


93-114mph: 9ft Incredible Hulk


115-136mph: Thor


137-160mph: Silver Surfer


161-186mph: Destroyer


187-212mph: Celestial


213-240mph: Galactus


241-269mph: Thanos


270-299mph: Living Tribunal


300mph+: One Above All



And Third The Most Detailed, With All of the levels following the basic and extended beaufort ranges:


0mph: No One

1-3mph: Cricket

4-7mph: Katrina Fairy

8-12mph: Nibbler

13-18mph: Cubert Farnsworth

19-24mph: Philip Fry

25-31mph: Bender

32-38mph: Rainier Wolfcastle

39-46mph: Turanga Leela

​47-54mph: Taki (Soul Caliber Fighter)

55-63mph: Spiderman

64-72mph: Green Goblin

73-82mph: Electro (Weakest Version)

83-92mph: Iron man

93-103mph: Colossus

104-114mph: 9ft Incredible Hulk

115-125mph: Gatekeeper

126-136mph: Thor

137-148mph: Silver Surfer

149-160mph: Morg

161-173mph: Tyrant

174-186mph: Destroyer

187-199mph: Celestial

200-212mph: Akhenaten

213-226mph: Galactus

227-240mph: Chaos

241-254mph: Eternity

255-269mph: Thanos

270-284mph: Living Tribunal

285-299mph: Beyonder

300-315mph: One Above All (In Marvel)

316mph+: One Above All (Outside Of Marvel)



And Finally the fourth Version which is based on average speeds:


0mph: No One

1-3mph: Cricket

4-7mph: Katrina Fairy

8-12mph: Nibbler

13-18mph: Cubert Farnsworth

19-24mph: Philip Fry

25-31mph: Bender

32-38mph: Turanga Leela

39-46mph: Taki (Soul Calibur Fighter)

47-54mph: Spiderman

55-63mph: Iron Man

64-72mph: 9ft Incredible Hulk

73-82mph: Silver Surfer

83-92mph: Destroyer

93-103mph: Celestial

104-114mph: Galactus

115-125mph: Thanos

126-136mph: Living Tribunal

137mph+: One Above All


I Know this was long but I have been debating which is the best version out of the four of my fun hobby I do in my spare time.


I've been working on these for over a year now and have been wandering which version should be the best and final one.


Please Note that this is just a fun hobby I do in my spare time, its nothing majorly serious!



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I can imagine Dan Corbett using some of these if he ever comes back to the UK weather :D

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