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mike Meehan

Effect of El Nino on our Weather Patterns.

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In the Daily Express today it was suggested that El Nino events tended to shunt the jet streams south leaving us with frigid winters.


Doe anybody know of any research which indicates the veracity or otherwise of this?



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There are an increasing number of studies published that show a direct link between a warm ENSO season, and, for example, altered rainfall/temperature anomalies across west/central Europe. No lesser person than J.Bjerknes postulated in 1966 that altered activity in the equatorial Pacific appeared to significantly alter the strength/orientation of the PFJ over and downwind of the NE Pacific, which in turn must have at least some effect on the long-wave structure downstream. This appears to have been accepted in later studies & developed further using datasets going back over two centuries or more. 



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