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I had a disturbing flashback yesterday


I went to the doc for an MOT and to check out an abscess on my left buttock ( I know too much information) that had been giving me gyp for a few weeks. I was bent over undergoing a detailed look when I had a flash back 55 years.


At that time I was an 18 year old cherub serving on ocean weather ship Weather Reporter. On that particular trip I developed a very nasty boil. Now medical facilities and knowledge on board were somewhat limited to say the least so the Chief Steward, in his wisdom referred me to the captain. Bad move as the latter at the time was a short, dumpy, alcoholic Welshman who spent every day in a drunken haze.


His considered opinion, after staggering across his cabin twice, was that an injection was needed at which I turned quite faint. So I ended up, this callow youth of 18 summers, bent over, trousers around the ankles with a drunken Welshman behind me clutching a lethal weapon. I mean It's the stuff of nightmares having heard stories of the Welsh and wellington boots.


Fortunately it passed without further incident apart from numerous attempts to administer the injection. Mind you can imagine the lewd comments from the crew when word got around.


The traumas we we went through to send met. information to John Holmes and the rest of the boys in the band so they could could cock up the forecast. Actually that's unfortunate terminology in the circumstances.


Does anyone else suffer from these traumatic experiences?

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