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[Blog] Glastonbury Festival 2015 24 to 28 June - Forecast No 13

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So this is the final full blog for Glastonbury 2015, ahead of the gates opening tomorrow.

Daily forecasts

Wednesday 24th June

Mostly Fine and Dry with a small ridge of High Pressure over Southern parts of the UK. Sunny to start, a bit more cloudy in the afternoon. Temps low 20s,

Thursday 25 June

Very similar conditions to those of Wednesday a ridge over Southern UK, and Low pressure still away off in the Atlantic. A but warmer than Wednesday with temps low 20s but perhaps hitting 22/23c by mid afternoon, cloud amounts possibly a bit more than Wednesday.

Friday 26th June

As has been suggested for a number of days turning a little more unsettled with some rain edging in during the morning and this continuing through the afternoon. However not likely to be that heavy, but enough to wet the ground. 2mm currently suggested. Sunshine is set to be very limited, with temps high teens/low 20s.

Saturday 27th June

Unsettled for Northern parts of the UK with Higher Pressure for the south of the UK, so a bit mixed with a risk of some showers at times, but with some sunny intervals likely as well. Temps 19c/20c again.

Sunday 28th June

A little more unsettled again, as some rain/showers spread in from the west, current indications show not that much rainfall however some ensembles make it that little bit wetter. Again with the chance of some sunshine at times, temps a bit cooler into the high teens.

Ground Conditions

Currently not many problems at all, the rain on Friday and perhaps Sunday may dampen the ground a little, and some prone spots may see some mud, but no huge problems are currently expected.

Rainfall Totals

The latest GFS suggests a total of 4mm of rainfall for the festival. Although some ensembles are a bit higher, perhaps as much as 10mm but even that is not too bad.



The pressure drops a little Friday and then again for Sunday and more especially into Next week.



The temps rise steadily until Friday and then drop back somewhat over the weekend.


Some rain expected for Friday and perhaps a little over the weekend, more especially for Sunday, some runs showers some moderate/heavy rain into Monday


Hopefully it will be a great Glastonbury for all of you lucky people going. To answer the obvious question to anyone asking do I take my wellies, off course you do, but also takes your suncream to cover all eventualities.

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