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[Blog] Glastonbury Festival 2015 24 to 28 June - Forecast No 12

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Well we are nearly there, and for some of you this will be the last Glastonbury blog you read, so enjoy Glastonbury whatever the weather.

Run up to festival

The promised rain arrived in Glastonbury, a little earlier than anticipated and looking at radar returns close to 10mm of rain fell in the past 24 hours.

Which according to people on site, hasn't made things too wet.

Daily forecasts

Wednesday 24th June

As per recent forecast low Pressure remains locked out to the west over the Atlantic, with a ridge of High Pressure over Southern UK, giving benign settled conditions with the best of any

brightness in the afternoon, Mostly dry temps low 20s.

Thursday 25 June

Very similar conditions to those of Wednesday a ridge over Southern UK, and Low pressure still away off in the Atlantic. Perhaps more in the way of sunshine developing compared to Wednesday, and felling warm when it does so, Temps low 20s, perhaps 22c-23c by mid to late afternoon, quite possibly the best weather day of the festival.

Friday 26th June

This was always forecast to be the dodgy day and so it continues. However the rain amounts are now expected to be fairly small, and shouldn't cause any real long term problems. Temps a little cooler high teens / low 20s, and rather cloud and damp for the most part.

Saturday 27th June

Any overnight rain should clear quite quickly with a ridge of high pressure edging in. However there is still the risk of a shower at times, but not really causing any issues, temps in the high teens with sunshine amounts very difficult to determine at this stage.

Sunday 28th June

Still uncertainty with regard Sunday, with lower pressure than for recent days, as a result there is the risk of some rain./showers at times. However total amounts of rainfall not likely to be problematic. Temps low 20s and feeling warm, especially in any brightness/sunshine.

Ground Conditions

Monday's rain has softened things a bit, but not too many problems as of yet.

At this stage a little rain is expected on Friday and as things stand shouldn't cause any serious mud problems. Further rain/showers are possible are over the weekend, more especially Sunday however things are looking reasonable at the moment, but still worth keeping an eye on the situation at the end of the festival.



The pressure drops a little Friday and then again for Sunday.


The temps rise steadily until Friday and then drop back a little.


Looking mostly dry during the festival, with rainfall after the festival.


Dry and fine for Wednesday and Thursday, damp and Cloudy on Friday. Still uncertain for the weekend probably mostly dry on Saturday with some showers at worse. while showers are possible on Sunday.

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