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I seem to enjoy Man United getting thrashed far too much 🤣

What would the score have been if Bale had been on the pitch?

Didn't realise Luke Shaw was playing until that challenge towards the end. Tottenham had acres of space on that right hand side!

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How many neutrals who so lauded up last seasons triumph will be hoping Leicester get relegated now. I certainly will, that will teach the selfish owners and lazy players a lesson. By the end of Sunday

Wow Ole the magical tactician, what a manager, completely turned it around. United should of won by more, 2-3 flatters Southampton, they were pretty average(I guess Newcastle just made them look good)

WEATHER WARNING IN NORTH LONDON. Massive dust storm hits North London as contractors enter Tottenham Hotspur's Trophy room;

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9 minutes ago, Quicksilver1989 said:

Is that one laughing emoji for each Tottenham goal? 😁

It wasn't intended to be but now that you've mentioned it, yes! :oldrofl:

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Disgraceful red card decision and disgraceful reaction by Lamela. I'd be embarrassed if that was a United player acting like that. Either send both off or neither.

In terms of our performance...A complete disgrace.

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1 minute ago, Wiltshire_snow_lover said:

Slow lathagic but how was it not a pen to salah at 1-0? This performance though has been car crash all started when Allison got injured sat...

Yup blatant but whoever does var has a white stick it seems

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