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Really it's the fans fault for being stupid and that is where the fault really lies. Sadly our society isn't one where responsibility for ones own actions is expected. Time we started changing that which can be done by the social media.

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How many neutrals who so lauded up last seasons triumph will be hoping Leicester get relegated now. I certainly will, that will teach the selfish owners and lazy players a lesson. By the end of Sunday

Wow Ole the magical tactician, what a manager, completely turned it around. United should of won by more, 2-3 flatters Southampton, they were pretty average(I guess Newcastle just made them look good)

5-1 Spurs 🤣🤣🤣🤣  

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Was great to see Liverpool lift the league for the 19th time. Too many people seem to forget that the league existed before the name change and that is all it is, a different label for the same product. A four trophy parade would be the icing on the cake but that would just bring out hundreds of thousands of people.

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Brendan Rogers proved yet again that when it comes to the important part of a season, his teams bottle it, anyone could manage Celtic and look good, typical Brendan in the way Leicester threw away a 14 point cushion, disappointing season for them. I expect Rogers to do the same next season and then get the size 12 up the weeble.

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On 23/07/2020 at 17:02, Pennine Ten Foot Drifts said:

First of all it wasn't an 'open top bus tour', it was a stationary open top bus parked right outside the ground, and the club had been advised by the local council safety team that it would be a good idea to quickly make an appearance in front of the crowd, after which the police could then start dispersal operations hopefully more easily as the crowd would have seen the team, and more importantly seen them leaving, rather than, as happened outside Anfield, there were still huge crowds milling around celebrating well into the early morning. Unless you consider that 'the right way'?

Secondly, there's a trophy for every divisional winner every year, and it most definitely is counted as silverware - what was that big shiny cup shaped thing Bielsa and the team were parading around? I've no idea where you got the idea it's not counted as winning a domestic trophy from???

Tinpot trophy, pundits will still go on we have not won major silverware for many many years. Even the League Cup is worth more value than a 2nd division trophy. 

Well done to Ole for getting to the Champions League. Sorry to say but if Rodgers was not British he would be getting pelters from the media because Leicester did bottle it really, I think they were quite arrogant and thought top 4 was nailed on. As they say, the big clubs usually rise to the top. Ole deserves huge credit, I defend him and wish him well because the media bullied him really because he got the Utd job despite only managering Molde and Cardiff to that point, it was disgraceful how they treated him. At least now he can stick 2 fingers up to them. 

As for us, poor Brucie will be gutted he never beaten Rafa points total and so will the media, sick of the comparisons, one manager wanted ambition, the other is happy to finish above the drop zone but Bruce has done an okay job considering we got a striker who must be the worst player I ever seen upfront for us, even worse than Carl Cort. 

Also Bruce has one major flaw in his manergerial career, injuries. Always bemoans the amount of injuries he get but he had this at every club he's been at and yet has done nothing to address it, no wonder he got the worst win percentage in the league because he never has his best team avaliable. Of course our bias British media never actually seems to question him on that! 

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On 01/08/2020 at 14:09, Summer Sun said:

Eddie Howe has left Bournemouth "by mutual consent"

Expect Eddie Howe to be the next West Ham manager when come October they are struggling at the wrong end of the table and Moyes gets the boot

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The opening weekend fixtures

September 12th

  • Burnley v Man U*
  • Crystal Palace v Southampton
  • Fulham v Arsenal
  • Liverpool v Leeds United
  • Manchester City v Aston Villa*
  • Tottenham Hotspur v Everton
  • West Bromwich Albion v Leicester City
  • West Ham United v Newcastle United

September 14th

  • Brighton v Chelsea
  • Sheffield Utd v Wolves 

*Games postponed and will be played at a later date due to the Europa League and Champions League involvement 

Boxing day

  • Arsenal v Chelsea
  • Aston Villa v Crystal Palace
  • Fulham v Southampton
  • Leeds United v Burnley
  • Leicester City v Manchester United
  • Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion
  • Manchester City v Newcastle United
  • Sheffield United v Everton
  • West Ham United v Brighton
  • Wolverhampton v Tottenham Hotspur
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My predictions

1)Man c



4)Man u





9)Leicester c



12)west b

13)west h


15)aston v

16)shefffield u


18)crystal p








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1. Manchester City – 21 points (GD +27)

2. Manchester United – 21 points (GD +20)

3. Southampton – 18 points (GD +8)

4. Tottenham – 18 points (GD +7)

5. Chelsea – 18 points (GD +3)

6. Liverpool – 17 points

7. Arsenal – 16 points (GD +7)

8. Wolves – 16 points (GD +4)

9. Burnley – 15 points

10. West Ham – 12 points (GD +2)

11. Everton – 12 points (GD -3)

12. Brighton – 12 points (GD -7)

13. Sheffield United – 10 points

14. Newcastle United – 9 points (GD -4)

15. Leicester City – 9 points (GD -4)

16. Aston Villa – 9 points (GD -4)

17. Bournemouth – 7 points (GD -7)

18. Watford – 7 points (GD -11)

19. Crystal Palace – 4 points

20. Norwich City – 0 points

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21 minutes ago, Summer Sun said:

Harry Maguire found guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and repeated attempts of bribery.

He would have some sympathy with the first two, but bribery oh dear.

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