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[Blog] Glastonbury Festival 2015 24 to 28 June - Forecast No 3

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This is the 3rd blog for the 2015 Glastonbury festival [24 to 28 June], the chase continues.

This weeks forecast is a mix of the long term term models used previously (mainly CFS) and shorter term models as we move as these can now start to predict the run up to the festival period.

This weeks forecast methods

1. CFS Monthly Charts updated weekly [From Net Weather Extra]

2. CFS Daily Charts updated daily [From Net Weather Extra]

3. CFS Monthly Charts updated weekly [From Meteociel.com] - This is the last forecast to use this model

4. Prognostic Charts at 500mb from NOAA

1. CFS Monthly Charts


The Pressure charts show Higher pressure areas both to the west and east of the UK, with pressure only slightly higher than average over the UK itself. Temperatures are now generally around average, and slightly above average in Northern parts of the UK with rainfall to be around average for most southern areas.

In Summary pretty neutral to say the least.


The pressure charts show Higher pressure areas to the North west of the UK and also slightly above average over the UK itself.

Temps above average generally, slightly in Southern and Eastern areas, well above average for Northern areas. Rainfall below average generally, but above average in the Midlands areas, so overall around average rainfall.

2. CFS Daily Charts updated daily [From Net Weather Extra]

Date read  Summary                            Winds       Temps                      Rain                                                     Out of 1031/05/2015 Cool and unsettled                 SE to NW    Yellow / Light Orange      Showery to start, perhaps more general rain Saturday       5.001/06/2015 Dry warmish and settled            NE to N     Light Orange / Orange      Mostly Dry , perhaps odd showers Wednesday                 9.002/06/2015 Cool Unsettled and Wet              W to NW    Dark Green light yellow    Damp/wet most days                                         4.003/06/2015 Dry warm and settled               East        Orange / Deep Orange       Mostly dry , poss. shower Friday                           8.004/06/2015 Cool Unsettled and Damp            NW to W     Light Orange / Orange      Showery Precipitation at times                             6.005/06/2015 Mild, wet and unsettled            SW to NW    Yellow / Orange            Periods of rain most days, some heavy                      4.006/06/2015 Cool to Warm, Damp and Unsettled    W to SW    Yellow to Deep Orange      Periods of rain most day, some moderate                    5.0 
The runs this week are not as promising as last week with the average down from 7.4 to 5.9 out of 10.

3. CFS Monthly Charts updated weekly [From Meteociel.com]

 blogentry-213-0-54966500-1433667374_thum blogentry-213-0-51509900-1433667375_thum blogentry-213-0-37146300-1433667378_thum blogentry-213-0-31968200-1433667379_thum blogentry-213-0-17224400-1433667380_thum blogentry-213-0-81112100-1433667935_thum blogentry-213-0-86176600-1433667937_thum blogentry-213-0-71326300-1433667939_thum blogentry-213-0-58380600-1433667941_thum blogentry-213-0-41687800-1433667943_thum blogentry-213-0-16599100-1433667945_thum blogentry-213-0-78326700-1433667946_thum blogentry-213-0-43186900-1433667948_thum blogentry-213-0-23188200-1433667950_thum blogentry-213-0-87347000-1433667951_thum blogentry-213-0-53821900-1433667953_thum blogentry-213-0-13746800-1433667955_thum

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