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[Blog] Alps Weather Forecast 20 March 2015

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There was some snow at the start of the week, although not quite as much as forecast.

However, towards the end of week things turned a far bit milder, As we move into late March, no surprise to see spring conditions really starting to take hold. The best conditions as ever higher up the slopes


At this time of year in the Alps, you can have spring, almost summer like conditions one day, only to be taken back to winter with a vengeance the following day, and that its the theme this week.

The Alps start the weekend in between weather patterns, low pressure to the South West and North East with High Pressure to the South East and North West. With fairly mild South Easterly winds.

Over the weekend the High pressure to The North West edges South East and this feeds in cold east Easterly winds over the Alps more especially for areas further east.

Into next week and this high pressure moves further east to be centred over Eastern Europe, with winds coming from more of a South Easterly direction and this set to turn things milder.

Signs of another chance midweek as colder air attempts to edge in form the North West feeding in some colder air with Low Pressure forming over Italy. This could mean an unsettled period of weather to end the week, and potentially rather cold especially for northern parts of the Alps.


Sat – 1600m -2000m generally, 2000-2200m through Central Austria into SW Austria, Southern Switzerland into the French Alps

Sun – 1200-1600m NE Austria 1600m-1800m Central Southern Germany and Southern Austria, NE Italy, 2000m-2200m French Alps, NW Italy, Switzerland, SW Germany, W Austria.

Mon – 1000-1600m E Austria 2000-2400m generally

Tue –1800m-2000m SW and S Germany, N and W Switzerland and N Italy away from border areas 2000m-2300m through Central Austria into SW Austria, Southern Switzerland into the French Alps

Wed– 800m-1200m NW Switzerland 1000m-1400m French Alps, most of Switzerland, NW Austria, 1400-1600m NW Italy 1600-2000m rest of Austria, NE Italy

Thur – 800m-1200m NW Switzerland, SW Germany 1000m-1400m French Alps, most of Switzerland, Central Southern Germany 1400m-1800m NW Austria, NW Italy 2000-2400m most of Austria, NE Italy

Fri – 800m-1400m French Alps, S Germany most of N and Central Switzerland, NW Austria 1400-2200m Far South Switzerland, most of Austria, Northern Italy


Sat – Dry to start but showery precipitation becoming more widespread over western areas, with some moderate and prolonged bursts by afternoon, some of this spreading to Austria later. Turning drier slowly overnight into Sunday.

Tue – Further showers outbreaks likely in the west on Tuesday

Wed - A cold front edges in from the North West early overnight this spreading across most areas during the day, with some heavy and prolonged precipitation likely. Snow Levels 800m-1400m for Switzerland, French Alps and SW Germany W Italy, 1600-2000m further South East.

Thursday into Friday – rather unsettled over the Alps again, with further bursts of precipitation, perhaps drying up a bit later Friday, the heaviest of the precipitation over Italy, with snow levels similar to that of Wednesday.


Quite a tricky week to pinpoint again, mild and springlike to start, with the chance of further heavy snow for western areas towards the end of next week. For once colder generally in western areas.

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