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Ngwips - New interactive online Weather Model data, and Radar tool.

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I'm gearing up to release a new state of the art, online weather data visualization platform. I'm shooting for a June open Beta, however I currently have 4 spots open for Alpha testing!


Some features of this system include:

- Ability to overlay/compare model outputs across many different models, and levels at the same time.

- Fluid and simplified looping/stepping mechanism.

- NAM, NAM4km, GFS 2.5 degree models. (HRRR, RAP, HWRF, ECMWF, UKMET, and NOGAPS to be added soon)

- Ability to view past runs.

- Extremely quick updating of model data.

- Ability to drill down to subregions.


Some Recently added features:

- Kuchera snowfall Algorithm plots (3hr, 6hr, 24hr, 72hr, 120hr)

- Catagorized Simulated reflectivity (snow/rain/mix)

- Loopable/zoomable Radar Application overlaid on google maps.

- High resolution 2m temperature overlays.




Send me an email at [email protected] if you would like access! There is only a limited amount of spots open (4). If the Alpha has filled already, don't worry, you can try it out for free in June (open beta). 









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I suppose I should mention this that there only American (CONUS) domains at the moment. I will be adding a European domain soon, however.

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