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Poison dog treat/toys found

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Bit of a worrying find in the last few days (thought I would share/make people aware if not already)


Tennis balls filled with poison found in Glasgow park

The Scottish SPCA has issued a warning after five tennis balls filled with poison were found in Festival Park in Glasgow.

The balls were discovered by a member of the public, who placed them inside a bin in the park grounds.

But the charity said that someone had since removed the balls from the bin, and their whereabouts were currently unknown.

Police have been informed about the situation.

'Obvious danger'

A spokesman for the SSPCA said someone had cut holes in the tennis balls and filled them with shredded paper and blue pellets - thought to be rat poison.

In a statement the charity said: "It's possible the balls were left to target rats but there is an obvious danger to dogs and children and this was a very reckless act.

"We are looking for information as to why the balls were in the park and who may be responsible."

The SSPCA is particularly keen to identify the person who took the tennis balls from the bin, and have asked anyone with information to get in contact.




Dog chews tied to rat poison found in Derbyshire

"Deadly sandwiches" made of dog chews wrapped around rat poison have been found in Derbyshire.

Erewash Borough Council has issued a warning to dog walkers after the chews were found in Stanley Common earlier this week.

Elastic bands had been used to package the contents together.

The council said it was a "very serious and worrying incident". No dogs were harmed and Derbyshire Police has been informed, it said.

One of the baits, which the council called "deadly sandwiches", was found on Glendon Street and another at an entrance to a nearby alleyway.

Councillor Barbara Harrison, lead member for the environment, urged dog walkers to be vigilant.

"This is a very serious and very worrying incident and we are grateful to the member of public for taking immediate action so that we could remove the baits before any dog was affected," she said.


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