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[Blog] Alps Weather Forecast 20 February 2015

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There was some good snowfall over parts of the Alps last weekend with some parts of Northern Italy seeing 1m of snow. However it was not quite as extensive as forecast with parts of Switzerland, not doing as well as expected. Generally though there are good conditions over the Alps albeit with the recent sunny and warm weather in the afternoon, giving some afternoon spring snow conditions.


Currently over the Alps there are South Westerly winds and High Pressure however this pattern is set to change overnight and into Saturday. Winds are set to veer to the North West introducing a Polar Maritime air mass, with Low Pressure edging in.

Apart from a brief spell on Milder air on Monday, it will be a generally cool or cold week with 850hpa temps below freezing and often below -5c. The coldest weather always reserved for the Northern areas of the Alps. It will be generally unsettled with Low Pressure over Italy and East to North East winds over the Alps on the northern flank of the Low Pressure.


Not for the first time, precipitation edges in to start the weekend initially for the far west, but moving eastwards to cover SW Germany, Switzerland the French Alps and NW Italy by Saturday evening, but some moderate bursts. Snow levels 1000m for a time, but dropping to 600m later further north,

This continuing into Sunday, but by now the focus on NE Italy, Austria and SE Germany, still with some moderate bursts, however turning drier everywhere by the early hours of Monday. Snow levels 600m on the northern edge, 1000-1200m further south.

The next frontal system edging into the West on Monday evening, several hours of precipitation as it edges SE by Tuesday however it stalls over SE Austria, NE Italy and fringes SE Germany and SE Switzerland. Snow levels 1400m on the front edge, dropping to 1000m and then 800m by Tuesday afternoon.

The precipitation continuing over Eastern parts on Wednesday although fragmenting and becoming showery. Snow Levels 600m-800m.

Further showery precipitation expected Thursday and to a lesser extent Friday, but becoming increasingly concentrated to the South East, Snow to 600-800m, but rising to over 1200m daytime Friday.

Moderate precipitation levels over much of the Alps, possibly drier over Northern Central areas.


Sat – 800-1000m NW Switzerland, Far SW Germany, 1000-1400 most of Austria and Switzerland, French Alps 1600-2000m Central Southern Germany

Sun – 600-800m S Germany, N Switzerland, French Alps and N Austria 1000-1400m S Austria and S Switzerland, 1200m-1600m N Italy

Mon – 1200-1600m Eastern and Central Austria, 1600-1800 N Italy, 2000-200m S Germany, Switzerland and French Alps

Tue – 600-900m S Germany, Switzerland, French Alps and NW Austria 900m-1300m S Austria and N Italy

Wed– 700-900m S Germany, French Alps and most of Switzerland and Austria 900m-1300m Far East Austria and N Italy

Thur 800m-1200m S Germany, N Switzerland, French Alps and N Austria 1200m-1600m SW Austria, S Switzerland 1400m-1800m N Italy

Fri 800m-1200m S Germany, N Switzerland, French Alps and N Austria 1200m-1600m SW Austria, S Switzerland 1400m-1800m N Italy


After such a slow start to the week, things continue to look very decent. By no means the coldest week in the Alps, not the snowiest but most areas are likely to see some fresh snow this week, even if at times, some of the precipitation will be of rain at lower slopes levels.

All in all not a bad skiing week for late winter.

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