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[Blog] Alps Weather Forecast 30 January 2015

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The last 24-48hours has seen some very good snowfall for the Alps, more especially towards the NW, this is set to continue overnight into Saturday.

The weekend starts on a cold unsettled them with winds from North Westerly direction. This is associated with low pressure off the south coast of Scandinavia.

This rather unsettled and cold theme continues through the weekend.

The following is of quite high uncertainty

On Monday a small low pressure system pushes in from the North West and slowly edges across the Alps turning things briefly less cold. However turning back colder by Wednesday and colder again by

Wednesday, as it exits to the east and reintroduces colder North East winds.

This is the theme towards the weekend, cold unsettled and with north easterly winds.


Saturday - After overnight snow moves away from the NW, Patchy precipitation (snow to resort level) will continue in Austria for a time before dying away, another front edging in from the NW for the evening again heavy in places.

Sunday - Snow from the NW continuing in the morning turning patchier later and moving east.

Monday - Further showery snow for the Northern half of the Alps, however turning drier later

Tuesday - Heavy precipitation over central Italy, trying to edge north into the Italian Alps for the evening and early overnight period.

Wednesday - Overnight precipitation edging NE into many parts of Austria and Switzerland snow to resort level in the north, snow over 1000m for Italy and SW Austria.

Rest of week - After the front dies way, showery precipitation likely over the Alps, largely of snow.


Sat – 300m-500m S Germany, French Alps, most of Switzerland, E Austria, 700m-900m rest of Austria, NE Italy 800-1000m NW Italy

Sun – 400-800m Austria, S Germany, N and E Switzerland, 800-1000, NW Italy, French Alps, 1000-1400, Far NW Italy, SW Switzerland

Mon – 200m-500m S Germany, Northern parts of both Austria and Switzerland, French Alps, 500m-900m rest of Austria and Switzerland and N Italy

Tue – 0m-400m S Germany, NE and E Austria, NW Switzerland, 800-1000m rest of Austria and Switzerland, French Alps, Italy

Wed – 0m-400m S Germany, NW Austria and N Switzerland, French Alps , 1000-1200m S Switzerland, much of Austria and Northern Italy

Thurs – 0m-200m S Germany, NE and E Austria, NW Switzerland, French Alps 600-800m Far South of Switzerland , SW Austria 800-1000m N Italy

Fri – 0m-200m S Germany, NE and E Austria, NW Switzerland, 0-800m French Alps 0-1000m Far South of Switzerland , SW Austria 800-1000m N Italy


After another good weekend with persistent snowfall. and perhaps a little more than GFS suggests. A cold week for most, especially further north with further snow at times, A continuation of the improving theme.

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