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Tracking the potential Polar Low - Thursday into Friday

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....its not.


It's all down to the Chaos Theory.




Lets hope another butterfly flaps its wings in japan next week when we have colder uppers in place, you would have thought they would factor this in to the weather models by now :)


They could always bring out the BFS Butterfly Forecasting System :D

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Is it only me, or are the 'is it a/isn't it a Polar low' reamrks just plain old semantics.........as long as I get a dumping of snow, you can call it a lesser spotted chocolate teapot if you want    

Hi all.  Had great fun following this brilliant forum last night.  Just to introduce myself; I was senior forecaster at Manchester Weather Centre for 20 years, now retired.  I think that it was defini

so then....members in the west believe it'll track down the irish sea giving the action in the western regions...... members in the east believe it'll track though northern england and the SE giving s

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The evidence of that baroclinic leaf does make me want to think again. Hadn't noticed it before and the low does seem to spawn right out of it.


Whoever said meteorology is easy!


never a meteorologist that is for sure!

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