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Sums it up really:


Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Bright spells with rain, sleet and snow showers Saturday and perhaps Monday. Mostly dry and bright Sunday with wintry showers possible in the far east. Significant wind-chill at times.

Updated at: 1549 on Thu 29 Jan 2015

Yep not even the experts know!!
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I think those going round in circles dissecting forecasts from different forecasters (or the same ones at different times) are just going to tie themselves in knots here. You're in the SE of England,

yeah she just text me the same-

Just had a peak at the 18z UKMO (meso) and it shows the centre of the small low moving SE across the Midlands around 3am then across SE England around 6am, sleet/snow showers swirling around this low

Posted Images

It is turning more favourable temp is dropping, along with dew point

Ooooo that is polar low :shok: several days ago I mentioned it was ripe for such developments.

I do not mean to blow my trumpet!


Well done for spotting it. But the BBC weather centre don't seem overly impressed with its potential. Whizzing through quite quickly, and might even just be rain or sleet on lower ground. Alex Deakin seemed to stress that the hills would be most likely to see any accumulations. I certainly won't be sitting up till 2am to see what happens. This weather lark is beginning to take over my life. Not good

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No "real" snow from this coolish spell I'm afraid. Just not cold enough or as unstable as people thought

It has only just started have some patience please or you'll destroy my sanity, Despite mild blip tomo it will turn progressively colder, with such snowfall is a distinct possibility. Evident by the polar low you do not see them every day, which shows how dynamic it is up there.

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The first band that's gone through into kent has lowered the temps - the back edge was more sleety-


so one more band to come through London east into NW kent in the next 30 mins will probably fall more as snow.


then clearing skies awaiting the polar low.


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As expected rain temps nearly 6c now 4.4c.

MO 5 day for here gives 5/6c and lows of 0 /-1c.

Pretty poor show, winds never more northerly than NW.

OH wow rain clearing with some bits of wet snow mixed in at the end.
:cc_confused: :cc_confused:

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can somebody show me a map of where this bloody snow line is at the mo everybody is mentioning about? knowing my luck its just down the road at tesco's picking up some tea bags

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I can't believe some are writing off the 'cool spell' after one sleet shower. Yeesh.


Lots of potential coming up in the next couple of hours, let alone days..!

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RE: Tonight's potential, it might be worth me re-posting this:




As TEITS says above a lot of uncertainty regarding the track of tonight's system - I recall once seeing a similar such system forecast to track down in to the Midlands and across to the SE a few years ago now, forecast models and met office forecasts all day had it tracking that way. We sat and watched on the radar as....it remained across the West and gave parts of Gloucestershire etc a rush hour dumping.

Even at this short range there are no certainties it will track our way - the last couple of 'events' over the past month or so should stand testament to that.


This bears many similar hallmarks to that event (and I'm not talking exact track here), so I would not take any forecast track just yet as any sort of gospel finalised track.



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