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Yes please a very tasty chart indeed, I would not be at all

surprised if the ECM, repeats"THAT ECM" run that put this place

in meltdown, the downside though if that was repeated there is

only one way it can go after


Remember it well, imagine if it had of actually come off!! :cold: :cold: :cold:

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For goodness sake, will people stop hanging on to every nuance of what some silly app says?! It will be down to the here and now when it gets here.

Snow this morning in Saddleworth.......will there be more on Tue/ Weds??

Hello follow north westerners, I'm just south of the city of Preston ( Walton Le dale) I've been watching the forum for a couple a years, but never posted but trying to understand what is going on, th

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We seem to be just out of the zone again. Hopefully that will change

Risk zone is notorious for being skewed - do not take it as as a definite or prepare to disappointed also wednesday onwards is far away meteorological speaking, no need to panic. :)

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We seem to be just out of the zone again. Hopefully that will change

Yes we never do too well whatever the setup, near the coast, city centre, no elevation, protection from welsh hills and pennines, all in all crap! lol. However I feel this cold spell is our best chance of the winter..

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Only get excited on Wednesday as the last Cold spell was disappointing and resulted in nothing not even rain here.


This is far different I don't mean to hyperbole but it is looking seriously good for NW England. For you lot to see some decent snow depths, showers will be beefy - it'll snow all the way to the coast.

MattHugo: Just one run of the GFS but highlights main areas at risk of snow by Thu. Look out NW Eng, right in the firing line!


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