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I'm waiting to see if those showers come this way, may see some flakes shortly with my torch if they do, won't wait to long though. Not sure they will make it this far East, looks like they are moving mostly due north. Not really sure the front Tuesday night/Wednesday will be anything other than rain here on the coast.

You may well do not worth staying up for IMO - Eastbourne is about to be hit by a snow shower. :)


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Just another link-   The Euro4 model is the one my above post but will add again- For beginners use these 2 - you can just change the timelines with each model run ( some 2 hours after each run it

The front is now beginning to push in-   Watch out for the dewpoints to start dropping from the SE later in the eve,   There is a LOT of of PPN out in the channel arcing NNE ( NNN - even NNW)  

You sound like my ex

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Around -4/5C here this morning. Went out for a walk and it was darn cold. Clear skies here, though a little high cloud can be seen.

Weatheronline says that Southampton airport was again the coldest place last night at -6C

Showers pushing in the south coast of Kent and Sussex at the moment. They look quite heavy too.

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Sometimes to much info is damaging, upsetting and damn well dissapointing :(

Yes as is misinformation. Whilst I understand the need to be the first to predict snow for people to boost your self esteem, its seems that those that predict snow in every post are gonna be right eventually........ or once or twice.


Anyway, showers moving Northwards towards our region atm http://www.raintoday.co.uk/

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my parents  live at Telscombe village which is a hamlet of 10 houses up high on the south downs East Sussex said they have 2 inches of snow in places and still snowing quite heavy 

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Snow in hassocks north of Brighton. very light and i can't see it resulting to much but first snow seen for a long time. I now can rate the winter a 5 out of 10 . 

Sometimes the Channel can be our friend with unexpected showers bubbling up

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