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Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

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Morning update - updated to 84h (Tuesday) so will do the lot before heading back to bed :p


Today - Showers will hopefully push through the region through the late morning and into the early afternoon. These could fall as a mix of rain, sleet and snow depending on intensity (still generally north of London for snow but again a now-casting situation).

Temperatures - 3-6C




Light winds, generally from the west

Rain with hill snow will push into the southern most counties, north of London it will be partly cloudy with the risk of a few showers moving down from the north west. These could be wintry in nature. Unsure on how this will pan out though, but I expect the current rain warning to be dropped soon. 

Temperatures, -1C to 2C (north to south)




Light northerly wind

Again question marks on the impact of that front, though it will likely be clearing during the day to leave sunny spells and just an isolated wintry shower along the coasts of norfolk and perhaps north Suffolk.

Temperatures, 2-4C


Sunday night


Gentle northerly winds

Mostly clear to start but there is the chance of an area of showers moving down the north sea to affect northern parts of the region by dawn. These will likely be falling as snow.

Temperatures, -5C inland, closer to 0C on the coast.




Light northerly wind generally

That trough still looks like crossing the region, so the risk of snow showers anywhere over the region. Sunny spells in between though.

Temperatures, 0-3C


Monday night



Looks clear with freezing fog developing in places, a hard to severe frost developing.

Temperatures, below freezing for all, maybe down as low as -8C in place, towns and cities probably getting to -3C to -5C. 




light southerly wind

Eastern areas of the region will likely see a sunny day after any fog clears. The west may see cloud increase later ahead of a front pushing in from the west.

Temperatures, 0-3C again.


All I can hope for is that most of us at least get a little snow, there is of course the frontal events from late Tuesday onwards, but that is still very much in the air at the moment.

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Just another link-   The Euro4 model is the one my above post but will add again- For beginners use these 2 - you can just change the timelines with each model run ( some 2 hours after each run it

The front is now beginning to push in-   Watch out for the dewpoints to start dropping from the SE later in the eve,   There is a LOT of of PPN out in the channel arcing NNE ( NNN - even NNW)  

You sound like my ex

Posted Images

Morning all


-0.3oC (risen from -0.4oC half an hour ago), cold, frosty




And it is SNOWING! :cold:  (light flurry anyway).

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Trough/occlusion moving east brings a band of shower precip to our area in the morning, could bring some wet snow given temps may still be low enough from a cold night, snow more likely settling with elevation and London probably seeing rain/sleet rather than snow. 18z Euro4 similar to UKMO meso with rain/snow areas:


18z Euro4 for 06z Sat:



18z Euro4 for 12z Sat:





18z Euro4 has just rain for Sunday morning, as the front drifts north and grazes southern counties before moving away by late morning. Dew points of above 0C the culprit, but only 1C DPs gives scope for rain to snow still if heavy. 18z UKMO meso (which goes to t+36) the same:


Euro4 ppn 06z Sun:



Euro dew points 06z Sun:


Thanks Nick, Nice informative balanced post.

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Extremely cold here in Canterbury -5.7 according to garden thermometer =4.- according to Oregon Scientific infront.

Thats much colder than the models suggested, I wonder if that will affect what may fall out of sky , or how far the weather front will progress pushing against the mass of colder air.

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Ground is frozen and still below freezing with PPN coming my way, will I finally break snow drought?


My temperature and dew point support snow to fall

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Will this hit bucks

My hunch is we will get a little in Wycombe within the next hour or so and the is that there will be more showers by tonight. Based on sky watching and radar. Red sky to the west a bit ago.

Temps/dew points right for snow too.

Fingers crossed.


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Lovely start to the day crisp, bright and cold


And the models are looking better,

much to be cheery about. :good: snow event(s) affecting this region seems likely 70%


ECM T96 shows a buckle, not astonishingly cold uppers but could be good.

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well bbc still going with the cold to stay in the future with an easterly (a cloudy one) setting in at end of week, mild atlantic not winning, shall check again later to see if its still that way

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