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2014 Summaries

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Post any weather records (i.e. the highs and lows!) from 2014 from your own weather station and/or surrounding area.


My station's been active since Sept 2013 and this is what I've got for 2014. (I don't think any of these will be broken tomorrow!)


High Temperature: 28.9°C at 18-Jul-2014 16:40 --- Unfortunately I was in one of the 'pockets' that didn't hit 30 on that day!

Low Temperature: -4.2°C at 30-Dec-2014 07:20 --- Lowest I've ever recorded; last winter didn't get below -2.6

High Barometer: 1043.2 mbar at 29-Dec-2014 20:16 --- Highest I've ever recorded

Low Barometer: 978.0 mbar at 14-Feb-2014 22:18  

Rain Total: 604.8 mm  

High Rain Rate: 162.0 mm/hr at 19-Sep-2014 04:24 --- During quite a ferocious storm

High Wind Speed: 40 mph from 225° at 14-Feb-2014 21:02  

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Managed a 31C just before the end of July, but several consecutive days exceeded 30C - a NEly works wonders in summer here!

Minimum: -4C this morning!!

Haven't been recording rainfall/windspeed, but local stations had gusts above 80 mph from several storms early in 2014

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Highest temperature: 30.6C on 25th July.


Lowest temperature: -1.8C on 11th March.

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Highest temp: 29C in July

Lowest temp: -4C on 29 Dec (highest yearly min for at least 20yr)

Overhead thunderstorms: 4

Ice days 0

Days snow falling: 14

Days snow lying: 1

Max snow depth 1cm (27 Dec)

June and July were the first time this century two consecutive months recorded more than 200 hours of sun.

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2014 Summary


Very mild and rather wet; sunshine average; lack of snow; thundery


No month of 2014 had a mean temperature below the average, nothing too extreme heat wise though, the highest reading of the year 29.5c in July. No hard frosts occurred until December when the years lowest reading -8.4c was recorded, there were no ice days in 2014. After the very wet January and February subsequent months saw ordinary levels apart from a very dry September although overall the year was wet still. It was the wettest year since 2008 (1553mm) and just pipping 2012 (1525mm).  2014 saw no lying snow at all and only a little sleet fell from the sky in February and December. Thunder frequency was the highest in the record a total of 13 days heard.


Total rainfall: 1526.7mm (115%)

Wettest day: 32.2mm 14th Feb

Max rain rate: 154mm/ hour 14th Oct

Rain days >0.2mm: 225
Wet days >1.0mm: 186
Days of heavy rain >10mm: 54

Mean temperature: 10.2c

Mean Max: 14.5c

Mean Min: 5.8c


High Max: 29.5c 25th July
Low Max: 1.8c 4th Dec
High Min: 17.8c 18th July
Low Min: -8.4c 29th Dec


Est sun: 1380hr  

Max sun: 15 hr 22nd June

Days no sun: 29

Air frost: 48

Ground frost: 87

Ice day (max below 0c): 0

Mean RH: 87%

High RH: 100% many dates
Low RH: 39% 14th Apr and 25th July

Predominant wind directions: SW
Mean wind speed: 6.4mph

Max gust: 61mph 12th Feb

Mean pressure: 1011mbar
Max pressure: 1043mbar 29th Dec
Min pressure: 963mbar 14th Feb


Days with:

Hail: 30
Gale: 0
Thunder: 13

Lightning only 6

Snow or sleet: 10

Snow lying 0900: 0
Fog: 45

Fog at 0900: 4

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