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11 hours ago, Lauren said:

I remember being on the continent back in 2003 in the European heatwave and that was horrendous and not quite as hot as it is now, so god knows how the French are feeling now.

Hot, Lauren! The problem is that the night time temperatures are not going below about 25c. It was 33c inside yesterday evening and our stone house holds the heat like a storage heater. You just drip and drink water all day at work and play - I tried a run yesterday evening at about 20h00 but decided to stick to cycling and playing in the water with Mylo...

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Hi Guys,  I'm really happy to find this english community. I live in Toulouse in the South of France and I have a lot interest for meteo/climatology. I'm so sorry for my english : french people have

Yes, footage from evening of the thirteenth.   Additional report and pictures friom the chasers, which I've put through the Google mangle.   https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=fr&tl=en&

Yes, here in the foothills of the Jura (at about 500m, the other side of Geneva from the Alps) we had much more settling snow than had been expected by the authorities. Most - but not all - forecasts,

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The drought goes on here. 30c again today and no significant rain progged.

The recuperated rainwater has long run out and I water my newbies like lettuce and radish babies by hand with the watering can. Tonight is bonanza night as i'm getting the hose out to do everything, but it's a once a week luxury. You can only use the hose between 08hoo and 20h00. On the plus side, veggie crops have been amazing with copious quantities of beans, lettuce, tomatoes and soft fruit. Potatoes have been superb too and the odd fish and chips with them roasted has been divine.The strawbs are still going for it - universe knows how, but they are! Tree fruit like apples and pears are less plentiful than last year but the early croppers have been frozen already. We haven't had to buy fruit and veg for months now - we just eat what's there, s Thinking of publishing a pag bol and curry just gets added beans and tomatoes! Thinking of publishing a bizarre drought recipe book.

OH is in the UK for 10 days to visit family (Mum in law's lymphoma looks like it's back, balls on that, but she's coping admirably at 86) and sort the house out for autumn. Hopefully said house will be on the market for selling after Christmas.

We've been keeping amazingly fit with me running almost every day after work with Mylo and long, long cycle rideson my days off (without Mylo but he gets his walk before). We have to time the runs in the heat before it gets too dark but as it cools down.

A bientôt folks - hope you profit from the settled weather period too. I've attached a little photo of us cooling down353295881_Threeinthelake.thumb.jpg.7e387c3427674f07687dae634cdc500c.jpg!



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May be a simple one... which of the various websites is the most accurate at forecasting the French weather. We are on holiday at the moment and looking ahead for the next few days and are getting very different forecasts from the various websites.

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4 hours ago, ciel said:

Thanks, Had a look at both, there seems to be some agreement now for tomorrow,  Saturday still seems uncertain, we are coming home Sunday. Been dodging the rain a bit this week...

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Forecast from Meteo France this weekend for an

le vent d'autan  noir  - Autan wind before 

un épisode méditerranéen   A Mediterranean Episode - Nick explains


A look at a weather phenomenon know as the Mediterranean Episode, which brought extreme rainfall & destructive flooding to...


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Hi all,

After a fantastic November here in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (aka SW France) it is starting to turn a bit colder, we might have to think about putting the garden furniture away for the winter.  We used to call November one of our 2 rainy months when we first moved here, but not much rain fell in November this year and sunshine amounts were almost 80% above average.  Monday (7th Dec) is showing the possibility of a few snowflakes falling almost anywhere in France we'll see what pans out.  At this time of year around our coasts the sea is still quite warm (relatively) so the chances are not high for snow for us in the Cognac area, Angouleme is generally the border for snow extent in early winter in these parts but you never know.

Take care all


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