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Stop moaning snow freek. At least you have seen snow falling unlike some of us who may not see anything at all from this low. And winter has only just started so how can you comment on only having a

Scenes of late Autumn from the area in the last week.     Will there be more wintry scenes to photograph in our locality soon? 

hi all   tonight   a weak south easterly flow   as been spotted watch for mist and fog   temps around 6-8 degrees but where you get a clearance (west and north west of london more likely) te

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It's snowing! :w00t:  I can't believe people have the street lights switched off! That would not be a good  idea in London! :nonono: People would be frightened to be out late! Get yourselves a maglite torch, you can light up a whole street with one of them! I shine it into the flats opposite me to freak out the occupants............alledgedly :ninja:

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2 areas of interest circled


At the mo the snow flurries have increased in intensity & turned to light snow :yahoo:

If the PPN does not disintegrate then we may get some snow quite extensively across our region

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I'm also off to bed, temp 2.1 now, not sure it will get much lower, and no ppn around near me anyway. Will be very surprised to see a covering in the morning. This mornings charts look good, keeping us in an easterly draw for a few days after this, not sure if cold enough for snow or not, but you never know while the opportunity is there.

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The gales here are setting off car alarms, blowing dustbins over and nextdoor's fence has come down! :smiliz23: I was not expecting such strong winds! My door keeps knocking too, very noisy night! :crazy:

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