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The bright sunny morning has continued into this Afternoon, fantastic last 2 days, feeling like summer still! Now its still sunny, with not a cloud in the sky!


Another warm one today with a high of 18.8'c

Current Temperature now at 17.6'c


All change tomorrow by the looks of with, with some heavy showery rain moving in over this way, some strong convective pulses aswell by the looks of it :)



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A bright start again here, clouded over now though, and a noticable fall in the temp along with the building breeze, tonight into tomorrow was like a cool down but then it looks like the temps should gain a few degrees again, think these mild days are going to become very scarce now though.

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Glorious day, and tee-shirt weather. I spent the afternoon in Kew Gardens taking photos of the few trees that were changing colour. This autumn is really late. The cirrus of doom was evident in the north-west towards the end of the afternoon.

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Yep... As said above, another cracking autumns day. It looks like after tomorrow's wet weather, temps will rise and more dry weather. Hope it lasts until Saturday night, as we are off to watch some fireworks...!

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Need to get back into the swing of these.



Variable but light winds.

Rain, moderate at times in the south, this will if anything begin to edge northwards again. The north may get a dry and bright morning before the cloud rolls in.

Temperatures - 12C in the north, possibly as high as 17C in the far south where it turns drier and brighter in the south.




Gentle south to south westerly flow

Looks dry, there may be some morning drizzle.

Temperatures - Generally 16-18C, but perhaps 20C in any decent sunny spells.




Light to moderate South/South west wind.

Should be an increasingly warm and dry wind with good sunny spells developing.

Temperatures - 18-21C.

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First thoughts, most of Saturday should be dry and sunny, especially the further towards the south east you are. Again temperatures could be pushing 20C.

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Cloud decided to roll in here around 3pm onwards, as the night had gone on it got thicker. Now we currently have light rain falling, but judging by things it could get heavier later but nothing too bad!


Still very mild out there tonight though, Current temperature is 15.7'c

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I'm really not enjoying this weather, for me this time of year should be chilly, 20c is just blugh in November. I like both cold and warm weather but only when it should be those temperatures, 20c on the first day of November is not on, I love wrapping up warm to watch the fireworks, nope not this year t shirt weather. :nonono::fool:

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Woww currently got some very heavy rain falling here, infact its torrential!

Current temperature 15.3

Yeah, same! 15mm so far this morning. I'm watching the totals go up on the IoW using the Netatmo weather map.

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