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Have you turned your heating on yet ?

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13 minutes ago, Lauren said:

Ah that makes sense. So it's basically like a second thermostat that's more accurate for individual rooms. So I guess heating efficiency is about balancing the two.

Yes Lauren.

Had our long-standing plumber/heating engineer here on Sunday to try to balance our system properly. We were having issues last Winter with downstairs rads not heating up quick enough or to a proper heat. But upstairs was like a furnace.

He fitted individual thermos to upstairs rads so we can regulate temps in the bedrooms and on the landing. Taken me a couple of eves to really sort what settings best suit us. And now downstairs warms up quicker and warmer than before; upstairs more bearable as our spare room has only the lowest of temps settings and our landing is warm rather than baking hot.

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A word of warning about thermostatic radiator valves.

When you no longer have the heating on leave the valves open to their highest setting during the summer months. If you don’t you may find they are stuck closed and you get no heat into your radiator when you go to switch it on next season. Mr plumber will be pleased to sort it out for a large sum making your heating cost even higher. 

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