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First air frost of the 2014/15 season

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After Braemar had 1.8 C last night and 0.8 C 0n 5th August(coldest place in europe that day) i thought I should start this thread. Aviemore , aboyne, altnaharra and dalwhinnie are recording temperatures near freezing point recently.


So where would be the first air frost of the season and where?


For Scotland : Braemar mid to late august

For England : redesdale camp mid september

For Wales : Sennybridge mid september

For NI: katesbridge early september

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For our area it's typically in the first half of November - don't know the probability that somewhere in the UK with a weather station (such as Braemar) will have an air frost in August, but guess it's slightly more likely than 50/50 in any given year.

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Next week could deliver a temperature at or even below freezing in one of the cold spots in Scotland thanks to the very cool uppers - it will need a calm night to do it.


I remember I started this thread last year, but I can't remember our first air frost, I think it was very late last year possibly early November - October was a very mild month. However in 2012 we saw a harsh frost in the latter part of September.


On average I think early Sept delivers the first air frost in the UK, usually in the northern highlands somewhere like Kinbrace or Altnaharra, Braemar or Aviemore. In England usually late September either Redesdale Camp or Shap, occasionally somewhere like Benson or Rickmansworth - notorious frost hollows.


We tend to see our first air frost early October.

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You pretty much need to be in a rural frost hollow to go below freezing until well into October as a rule.
We used to grow dahlias which are very frost prone - usually they were at their best in September and it was rare for them to be blackened until after mid-October.

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September 23 2012 produced a widespread air frost in northern parts, we saw a minimum of -3 degrees, with frost lingering well into the late morning. Certainly a calm still clear night under polar air by late September can easily deliver an air frost to much of central UK.


As for this year, well frost prone parts of Highlands could see one or two more ground frosts at least next week, but can't see an air frost in England and Wales yet.


On average October delivers the first air frost to frost prone parts of England and Wales. The first air frost of the season is always an evocative occasion.

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Are we certain there hasn't been an air frost already. Aboyne registered 0.2 last month.

Braemar recorded -2.1 , aviemore -1.1 as well as air frosts for altnaharra , kinbrace ,topcliffe and the usual spots in highlands last month. Katesbridge also recorded -1.9 C

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Mmm BBC are suggesting some places far north England could get down to 0 degrees tonight, yet when you look at the forecasts for overnight lows, no place is suggested to get below 6 degrees - cold spots such as Otterburn, Alston 6's and 7's. Here we are predicted a balmy 9 degrees...


Why is there always a lot of discrepancy with the BBC 5 day forecasts and what the national TV bulletins show. The BBC 5 day forecasts for minimums always appear to be on the very high conservative side - its very misleading as many people now go online for info and would be forgiven for thinking absolutely no chance of a ground frost tonight.


Rant over..


Yes there is a strong chance that many in sheltered northern parts of England could see there first ground frost at least tonight, with one or two spots recording an air frost. Its a cool high overhead and with little wind to stir things, a cold night is on the cards.


Good to be able to resurrect this thread after the recent warmth.

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Much colder than the Met were forecasting tonight - already below 6C with clear skies and no wind. Eskdalemiur is 2.7C, Redesdale Camp is 3.5C, Topcliffe 3.8C. First air frost for England?


Would be cool to get a ground frost here - as in,visible frost, rather than a subzero grass temperature.

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Several places officially down to just over 1c with some having ground frost.

Coldest Redesdale 1.1c (to 0600 UTC) but no ground frost recorded (grass min 0.0c), while Benson was the coldest spot on the ground (-2.0c) achieved with an air min of 1.2c.





Here in our garden the air min 1.6c grass +0.4c with no visible (or invisible  :) ) frost!

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