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South Dakota - More tornado mayhem! Duck officially broken...

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South Dakota finally delivered for Paul and the team on Tour 4!  


'Ok so todays Aim was to try and get my 1st ever South Dakota Tornado, would not have mnded if it was a 2014 Edition Birdfart, but what happened was the 3rd amazing day in a row for the Northern High Plains with once again 2 Tornadoes on the ground at the same time. Targeted Chamberlain to Huron and watched the Cold Front to our North not really paying much attention to it, when the bottom storm started to turn right we were 20 miles from it so went straight north up Highway 15, we positioned east down some fantastic dirt roads and saw our first Tornado which was a Multi Vortex at about 630pm. After dodging some insane Cg Bolts more dirt roads were needed to get to the small town of Lane. I sat in the hook with intense rotation just to our South, what would be the big tornado of the day touched down about 1 mile to our south, this was heading straight at us so we repositioned east a half mile, the tornado then fully condensed into a cone and crossed the road a few hundreds yards back, while this was happening another rope tornado was in a field to our south showering us with leaves and bit of trees. We repositioned to catch up with the now large white cone tornado near Wassington Springs and watched a magnificant rope out stage. I apologise now to Arron as the 2 videos I am about to link could end our friendship forever.12 Pictures all in order as they happened and 2 Videos shot by Richard.'
And I love this one from Richard



There are probably more photos and videos to come from another incredible chase day!

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I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freakin please that this tour has done so well. You may also ACCEPT that I am very angry with the weather gods for delaying the season a little but so used to seeing stuff kick off after I get home. Quinten and Maxine you deserve what you have seen, Paul I am going to block you on facebook because after Englands defeat and returning to work, I have enough to put up with. In fact I am going to block you on Sykpe too, if you were on MSN messenger I would probably block you on that too.


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