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Had a nice end of the evening last week (11th?) with lightning flickering across my Southern/SW Horizon and Perseids flashing above me including one Golden fireball trending from my NE to the SW.......magical!

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My dad took this footage of Saturn last night with his Nikon Coolpix p100 camera  

Moon, Mercury and Venus last evening

Also this rare 3-way meeting of the Moon, Mercury and Venus

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2 hours ago, LeonH18 said:

Bit disappointed, Bought a new telescope, collimated it and aligned it, adjusted it and set it up. And guess what? There's likely to be no clear skies for the next 12 days

Absolutely Brill

Frustrating isn't it?  I managed to see and get some photos of this seasons Noctilucent clouds, but more often than not it was hindered by cloud cover especially the nights I'd planned all night watching.  Hope you get some clear spells.

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